Today i will show you the free open-source monitoring tool checkmk. Prerequisites: Ubuntu Server 18.04, updated and with a static ip.


First install the Debian packet-manager:
apt-get install gdebi-core

Download the newest version of checkmk raw:

Install the package:
gdebi check-mk-raw-1.6.0p6_0.bionic_amd64.deb

Check your version and create your first site:
omd version
omd create mysite
omd start mysite

omd start apache
omd status
omd config mysite

Save the login password which sould appear after the installation.

Now conntect with a browser to http://IP-OR-NAME-OF-MACHINE/mysite

Add Host to checkmk

You have to install the following tools on the host that you want to monitor, fur Ubuntu Servers:
apt-get install xinetd
cd /tmp/
dpkg -i check*

For Windows Server:

Port TCP/6556 has to be open on the host.

Now conntect with a browser to http://IP-OR-NAME-OF-MACHINE/mysite


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